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Related article: Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 12:10:44 +1000 From: Iain Robertson Subject: Ater Nick & Noah - chapter 2Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me -- all emails will be answered to the best of my ability. After Nick and NoahChapter 2"So do you think we are going to be able to get anything from this?" Nick asked Noah as he pointed at the laptop computer Joe had given them."I doubt it," Noah replied. "We probably won't even be able to find the basic stuff. From what Joe said, he wouldn't even know what a `username' or password was, so I'm guessing we'll hit a brick wall as soon as we start it up.""Well let's see, then," Nick answered, opening the cover and hitting the power on. The machine booted up slowly, the familiar Windows desktop appearing on screen. Noah watched over his shoulder. This was Nick's domain -- it was he who did most of the computer work for them both. Noah could certainly use the internet and check emails, but he left it to Nick to keep their banking and other stuff up to date. He reflected for a second on how much the two of them seemed to parallel Joe and Richard in a lot of ways.Nick's grunt of surprise brought him back to the moment. "That's funny! He doesn't have any initial log-on protection. It's just booted up and everything's ready to be opened," Nick said, pointing out the various desktop icons."I guess if he only used it at home, and Joe never touched it, maybe he didn't think passwords were necessary," Noah offered."Maybe, but he's a fool if that's true. Anyone could steal this and get access to all their personal stuff! Still, if that's the case, it makes our job a lot easier in terms of checking through this thing."As Noah decided to busy himself making coffee, Nick began a tentative exploration. He opened a few folders quickly, then shut them down again. Not only did he not really care to know about Joe and Richard's finances, bills or budgets, he felt that it was an unnecessary invasion of their privacy, and not relevant to his purpose; finding some clue as to what might have happened to Richard."Well there's no suicide notes or `dear john' letters on here that I can see," he said half jokingly."Nick! That's not particularly funny," Noah remonstrated."Sorry," he said, and meant it. "It's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack though. I don't know where to look for something that I don't know what I'm looking for!""We asked Joe about emails," Noah offered. "Can you get into that at least?""Oh, I doubt it ..." Nick began, then stopped. "Although if he is a careless with them as everything else on here ..." He looked thoughtful. "Noah, here plug this into the phone jack," he said, handing his partner a telephone connection cord. "Hopefully, they were on dial up, and he has left the connection box unprotected."As Noah confirmed that the line was plugged in, Nick hit the `Outlook Express' icon. To his amazement, the connection warning opened, and the username was there to be read, a series of black dots indicating the password was saved in memory, eliminating the need to type it in. "Handy for him, even better for us. I just don't believe some people are so careless," Nick stated.With a simple click on the `connect' command, Nick sat back and watched as Richard's email server sought out his internet provider, and logged onto his account. Nick was no longer surprised at the ease with which he could get access to Richard's computer. He simply shook his head, and watched as the usual list of junk emails downloaded. There were several messages from friends, but after scanning them quickly, he found that they were all of little use, most asking why they hadn't heard from Richard and expressing concern at his disappearance. One or two seemed to be more `business' oriented, but Nick quickly discounted those as being of any use to them in their search as well."Doesn't look like there's anything here," he sighed at last."It's late," noted Noah. "Turn that thing off and come to bed. We can try again in the morning when we're thinking more clearly."Nick yawned his agreement, reminded now that he was tired. "Okay, handsome, lead me to the bedroom.""Hah, don't go getting ideas," his partner quipped. "I don't think either of us is up for anything more than sleep at this stage." ***Both men were awake early the next morning. The missing Richard had featured in their dreams, and Nick was now determined to find out what had happened to him, despite his reluctance of the previous evening. Over coffee and toast, he and Noah tried to reason out what could have eventuated."Richard must have gone somewhere after the fight," Noah thought aloud. "Which means that unless he simply checked into a hotel, he must have gone to someone he knew, someone he felt he could talk to about what had happened. Yet none of their friends have heard from him.""Maybe he did the opposite," Nick mused."How do you mean?""What if he wanted to go somewhere to completely forget about the argument, instead of talking it over?""But that would still mean going to a friend," Noah muttered."Yeah," Nick agreed hesitantly. "So far we've been looking for their friends. Say Richard had `friends' of his own, that Joe didn't know about?"Noah looked shocked for a moment, thinking on the possibility. "If Tony is right, and Richard was playing around, then that could be right. He may have acquaintances that Joe didn't know about ... but how do we find them?"Nick's gaze Lolita Ls Preview rested on the computer once more. "Joe never touched this laptop?" he asked himself.Noah answered anyway. "No. He said he has no idea about computers. He leaves everything to do with them up to Richard.""I wonder ..." Nick mumbled, as he booted up the machine again.Still amazed at the lack of protection on Richard's laptop, Nick waited impatiently for it to come online. He opened the Internet Explorer browser. Clicking on the favourites menu, he brought up a list of banks and other businesses. "Hmm," he muttered in disappointment."What's that?" asked Noah, pointing to a folder in the favourites list simply called `M'.Nick opened the sub-menu, and whistled. "Bingo!" he declared. The list of sites included leather clubs, adult shops, and numerous addresses that neither of them recognised, but with names like `Sado-subs' and `Willing Slaves'. There was also a link to hotmail, and to a gay online matching service.As Noah watched, Nick followed the link to Hotmail, which opened a log-on window. Still surprised by Richard's stupidity, or arrogance maybe, he pointed out to Noah that the user-name and password were saved and already in place. "It might save him the effort of typing them in," Nick explained, "but it also means anyone who turns this computer on can get access to his Hotmail account. I suspect Joe has no idea that Richard even has a Hotmail account. Look at that -- his nickname is `mrdominance'!"Hitting the log-in button, Nick and Noah watched as the page opened to show a long list of messages. Nick opened a number of them at random, as he and Noah read them carefully."Well, it certainly seems like Tony was right!" Noah breathed at last. "A lot of these emails are from guys wanting to have sex with him, some are confirmations of dates, and quite a few of them are like `thank-you' notes, saying what a good time they had and asking for more! It looks like there's a whole other side to Richard that Joe has no idea about.""You can say that again," Nick agreed. "How on earth did he manage to do all of this without Joe suspecting? It looks like he was out screwing around every three or four days!""Go to the most recent ones," Noah said suddenly. "See if there's anything either agreeing to a date after he walked out, or thanking him for sex after that day."Nick quickly looked through all of the emails that had come in since the day of Richard and Joe's fight, but most of them were similar to the `normal' emails -- asking why `mrdominance' hadn't been in contact, pleading for him to email them. "No, it looks from this like he dropped off the scene of his `other' life too.""Damn!" swore Noah."Let's try something else," Nick said, thinking aloud. He opened the favourites menu again, and selected the site for the gay match-making service. This time, when the log-in page came up, the fields were empty."Does that mean we can't get into it this time?" Noah asked with concern."Nope, sometimes these things won't allow Windows to `remember' the details, but ..." Nick grinned. "Look here." he pointed to a link just below the log-in boxes which read `Click here if you cannot remember your user name or password.' Nick clicked on the link, and a new page came up advising them to enter the email address they used to join up to the service, and their username and password would be emailed to them."So how do we know what the email address is?" asked Noah."It's almost certainly his Hotmail address," Nick stated confidently, typing it in. He waited a few minutes and went back to the hotmail page. Sure enough, an email had come in from the service, giving them Richard's log-in details."This is almost too easy," Noah stated flatly."It just goes to show that if you have something to hide, or something you don't want available to almost anyone who picks up your computer, you should be making sure there are password protections on everything," Nick said.Back to the matchmaking service they went, entering the details supplied, and soon found themselves directed to a page listing photos, nicknames and email addresses of men who were available for sex. Richard had obviously set his preferences here too, because the listings that came up were all for men very much into leather, bondage and discipline, and more. Noah soon realised too, that most of them stated they wanted anonymous hot sex, with no strings and no relationships."Can you find out if Richard has his own listing?" Noah asked."I would guarantee he does," Nick said, searching for something on the upper menus. "Ha, here we go!" he announced.A new page opened, headed `Your Profile'. The two of them stared in amazement as several photographs came into view, presumably of Richard, although they couldn't be sure since they had only a photo of him from Joe, while these photos were all of a man in full leather gear, with his face obscured or cut off altogether. Richard or not, the photos were hot!The subject of these images was tall and wide shouldered, with a chiselled chest and flat stomach. He wore a Master's hood in some pictures, and a police style cap in others. An elaborate harness surrounded his torso, partially covered by a leather vest or a jacket. Skin tight black chaps encased his legs, leading to high, square boots. In some of the photos he wore a black leather cod-piece, but in a number of them his rampant erection was on clear and proud display. Beneath the various pics was a short bio.`Total top interested in hearing submissions from slaves who think they might be able to please me. If you have a hungry hole and a high pain thresh-hold; if you need to be completely dominated and humiliated, I could be your Master. Utter obedience a necessity. Nameless, anonymous encounters are perfect. No relationships, no strings, no emotion. Apply to Mr Dominance ...'... followed by Richard's hotmail address."Holy Fuck!" stated Nick."Indeed," was Noah's more measured agreement. "I don't know how we're going to tell Joe about this.""He's gotta know," Nick declared."Maybe." Noah did not sound convinced. "If we can find Richard, then its up to him to tell Joe about it, not us."Nick said nothing, but he made it clear he didn't agree."It still doesn't help us find him, though," Noah went on, ignoring the look Nick was giving him. "Is there anything else we can try, anything else on this computer that Lolita Ls Preview could direct us to where he might be?"Turning his attention back to the computer, Nick tried opening another link, this time to a site Richard had simply labelled `Club'. When the web page downloaded, the site announced that it was the home page of "Tortura -- A Private Members Club for Anonymous Desires". It was once again an entry page for `members', but as before, the user name and password log-in fields were already filled in. Nick hit the entry button, and the page flashed up a message: `Welcome Back, mrdominance' before beginning to load photographs which were stated as being from `recent club nights'.Both Nick and Noah watched in fascination as the images appeared on the screen. Images of men, all of them in leather garb, alone, in couples and groups, engaging in what could only be described as an orgy of fetish sex; there were photos of guys being fucked in slings; of masters punishing slaves with whips and paddles; of slaves bound to crosses and benches, being penetrated with dildoes and chains and other toys; of men being fisted. No faces could be seen, but not because the images had been distorted. Everyone in these pictures was wearing some kind of hood, or mask, or glasses to make them hard to identify. Noah whistled softly."I had no idea places like this existed," he said."Neither did I," Nick answered, "but I guess there must be a demand for them.""Richard is obviously a member of this club," Noah pointed out. "Can you find out more about it?"Nick found a tab marked `About' and clicked on the link. A blurb appeared on the screen explaining that the Club catered for members who wanted anonymous pleasure, who did not need or want to know names or details. It went on at some length about how the members specifically sought out a place where they could enjoy their pleasures without attachment; that it was precisely this lack of identity which heightened the experience. The rules were spelt out, but simple enough -- you paid a joining fee which got you membership to the Club, including access to the website, plus a `function fee' every time you actually visited. The place was open 24 hours a day, and as long as the participants consented, basically it was a case of `anything goes'. The only other rule, and this seemed to be stressed as paramount, was that you could not identify yourself, or anyone else you met there, even if you knew them from `outside' in any way except by a chosen `club name'. The site went on to give an address in Darlinghurst, with details of how to get there, and advice about a changing room where you could leave street clothes in a locker before entering the club proper."With those sort of rules, we're not going to get anything out of them about Richard," Nick stated. "I suspect they wouldn't even confirm he was a member for us.""You're right," Noah agreed. "But surely someone there would know him anyway, might be concerned about the fact that he has disappeared?""Even if they knew him, they would only know his nickname. Think about it -- this place exists for anonymity. That's one of its appeals. They don't know anything about each other except nicknames, and that they have sex!"Noah looked at the screen without seeing it. His face was a study in thought. "It's a long shot, I know. But so far it's the closest thing we've got to a lead to finding him.""And how do we go about it?" Nick asked scornfully. "March in there and start asking questions? I don't think so! We'd be thrown out in a second.""No, we'd have to be subtle," Noah remonstrated. "We'd have to feel our way, be careful. But I really think it's the best chance we've got. I think we need to join this club!"Nick looked shocked for a minute, then an evil grin crept across his face. "You realise that that means going out in public in our leathers? And probably having to have sex in front of other guys who will be watching, maybe even wanting to join in?""Yes, that occurred to me. I think we can stop them from joining in -- the rules say you have to consent, so we could push anyone away who got too `interested', but yes I think we might have to let them watch us. I'm more concerned about someone we know being there, someone recognising us."Nick grimaced, but stopped. "Wait -- that is unlikely to happen -- this place insists on anonymity remember. It might make things hard for us to find Richard, but it helps to avoid any unwanted familiar faces. Everyone is sworn to secrecy, but more than that -- they all wear something to hide themselves. Look at the pictures again. If you're sure you want us to have semi-public sex, we can cover who we are."Noah raised an eyebrow, but Nick smiled mischievously. "Hoods!" he said. "You already have a slave hood that covers your face. I've been thinking lately about a master's hood, because you look so hot in yours. This is just the chance. It's not like it's a waste of money -- we can certainly use them again after this is all over!"Noah smiled as well. "I love the way you think," he said. "I love you!""I love you, too! So, do we try this place tonight?"Noah nodded."Then we'd better go shopping today," Nick laughed. ***Around 7.30 that evening, the pair were ready to go. Both of them wore their favourite leather gear, enhanced with their new purchases, to create an effect by their appearance. The wanted to be noticed in this club tonight.Noah's entire upper body was traversed by an intersecting leather harness burnished with chrome studs. Two large silver rings framed his nipples, and from the rings piercing those hard brown nubs hung a slender chain, dangling across his chest. Around his neck was a wide dog collar, also set with studs, and a D-ring where a leash could be attached easily. The lower straps of the harness ran beneath the waistline of his chaps, and then under the leather codpiece which encapsulated his cock and balls, and which was held in place by snaps so that it could be quickly removed, baring his groin. His chaps were plain, black, and shining: so tight every muscle in his legs was accentuated. Bicep bands, again in black leather and set with chrome studs, snaked around both arms, and he held in his hands a slave hood -- soft kid leather which would fit over his head, leaving only holes for his eyes and mouth when it was laced up from behind.Nick whistled appreciatively, and Noah grinned, turning to show off his perfect, rounded butt cheeks framed by the chaps. "You look fucking hot," he said to his partner, eyeing Nick carefully and fighting the urge in his loins.The chaps Nick wore were almost as tight as Noah's, but they were set with a thin red stripe which ran completely down the outside of each leg. Beneath the chaps was a combination jock-strap and cod, arranged so that when the Lolita Ls Preview outer layer was removed, Nick's testicles would still be held within a cocoon of black leather while his cock was free. The harness he wore was made up of four very wide straps, one over each shoulder, and one connecting around each side of his ribs, so that all four met at a large chrome ring in the centre of his chest. The lower straps framed and lifted his pecs, emphasising them and making him look even bigger. Hanging from the harness itself were several lengths of chain, sparkling in the soft light, which hung across his taut abdomen, and down the side of his torso. Over the harness he wore an open leather vest which was joined at either side Lolita Ls Preview by more chain, exposing his flesh and the harness to perfection. On his lower arms, long black gauntlets embedded with silver covered him from wrist to elbow, and above them armbands around his biceps matched those on Noah. He slipped on the hood he had purchased as a trial -- the leather sat over his head and down the back of his skull to his upper neck. At the front, the hood was cut off in line with the tip of his nose, but covered his ears, so that apart from the slits for his eyes, only his lower cheeks, mouth and chin were visible."It seems such a waste to cover this up," Nick said, indicating their respective leathered frames as he tucked the hood into a jacket pocket, and they donned jackets and loose jeans over their leathers."It'll be uncovered soon enough!" was Noah's reply."Are you okay with this?" his partner sounded concerned now."Yes, just a little nervous. But in some ways it's exciting too," he winked."Noah! You'll become a genuine exhibitionist yet," Nick laughed.They drove to within a block of the club, and approached the doorway slowly. It was in a dark alley off a quiet street, surrounded by commercial buildings, and felt surprisingly isolated for being right in the middle of the city. As they pushed open the door, a buzzer sounded faintly, and a young guy quickly appeared at a desk just inside."Welcome," he said, and sounded like he meant it. "Are you members of the Club?""No, not yet," replied Noah. "But Lolita Ls Preview we'd like to join.""Sure. We don't often get people coming in together as a couple, but I guess you can. Here are the rules," he handed them a printed sheet which was the same as the blurb they had found on the web site. "All you do is complete this form ... choose a `member name' and sign it. You pay a one off joining fee, and a fee each time you show up. We have lockers just off this room where you can change and leave your street clothes, then you enter the Club from the door on the opposite side of the locker room, and enjoy!"Noah smiled wryly as he completed the paperwork. It repeated the rules, and required them to sign to confirm they agreed with them, and to state that they were not members of any police force or similar authority conducting any kind of investigation, then sign it. But it did not ask for identification or names, except for a `member name' of their choosing."I can't imagine this would hold up too well in a court," he whispered to Nick. "What name are you going to call yourself?"Nick looked thoughtful as he grinned darkly. "I don't know about me, but I think you should be `Viking Boy'! it suits you so well, I might just start using it at home."Noah choked back a reply. Suddenly that idea appealed to him. "You could be my Viking any time," he hissed. "Is that what you're choosing?""No, ..." Nick said. "I'm no Viking, just look at me."Noah did, liking what he saw. "How about `Sir Trojan'? It fits your background, and sounds strong.""Close," Nick agreed, "but I think I'll drop the `sir', and just use `Trojan'. That sounds more commanding, more forceful."Noah nodded. "I like it," he said meaningfully.They completed their forms, and handed them over. The man at the desk looked through them, and filled out two small cards. "Here you are guys, these are your membership cards. They have log-in details for the website, and you'll need to bring them with you whenever you come in." He took their money, and indicated the door to the lockers. "Enjoy!" he said simply.A little nervously, they both stripped off their outer clothes, and stood in the shining leathers, hoods covering their heads, staring at the door into the club area. "You ready for this?" Noah asked."Uh huh, I think so," Nick replied. Noah went to open the door when Nick hissed at him: "Noah, wait!"As his lover turned to look questioningly, he explained."I think we need to be in character from here on. You have to be my slave, so follow me into the room, and stay back a bit, let them see right from the start what we are."Noah nodded. "Okay, sir, lead on." He didn't find it at all difficult so far. They often took on this kind of role in private, and both enjoyed it immensely. It was just that they hadn't done it in front of strangers before.The club itself turned out to be a series of rooms, all on one level spread throughout the building. There was a bar area adjacent to some seats, tables and benches where you could sit and drink and look. There were showers and toilets with complimentary towels at the back, and then there were the play areas. All similar, yet each slightly different. One area consisted of four slings, side by side. Another contained several slave benches; a third area had two St Andrews Crosses on opposing walls, with chains and wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling in the centre. All of the rooms were in use to some degree, by groups of three, four or more. Only once did they see just a couple -- making use of one of the benches, and while they watched, a third man approached and began to slide his cock into the slave's mouth while the original master ignored him and continued to fuck the boy between them.Nick manoeuvred them toward the bar. "I'm new here," he announced as confidently as he could manage. "How do I pay for the drinks?""Goes on your tab, Sir" replied the waiter respectfully. "I just need your member name, and you pay on the way out.""Okay," Nick answered. "Two beers -- for Trojan!"The barman simply handed him the drinks, and wrote the order on a sheet of paper below the counter.The two of them lounged against a wall as they drank, speaking quietly and watching the activity around them. They received a few looks, but more of the questioning, are you available? variety than anything else. One man sidled closely by them, looking appraisingly at Noah, and facing Nick squarely."You interested in sharing that slave of yours?" he asked in a husky voice. "Seems a pity to just leave him standing here when he could be serving me while you have a drink. Or I could limber him up for you, until you join us."Nick stifled a cough of surprise. "Err, he's fine thanks," he said uncertainly. "I like to keep him close by, to make sure he doesn't do anything he shouldn't!"The other man laughed good naturedly. "I can understand that," he said to Nick in a lower voice, conspiratorially. "There's too many men around here who don't know how to treat their slaves right -- just use `em and throw `em away. If I found myself a good `boy', I'd want to keep him close, too. Anytime you feel like sharing, just let me know.""Thanks, I will," Nick said sounding a little more confident."Sabre's the handle," the other man said, holding out his hand. Nick shook it happily."Um, I'm Trojan," he said. "I wasn't sure if I was supposed to introduce myself -- we're new to the Club.""Oh, some of them take things a bit too serious for my liking," whispered Sabre. "I mean, there's still a world outside, isn't there?" He winked. "Take care, Trojan, and take care of that boy of yours." He walked away slowly, almost inviting them to follow him."Well, that didn't get us far," Noah commented. "We're not here to make new friends, you know.""I know, but ... any ideas on how we ask about Richard?" Nick whispered."Afraid not," Noah replied."You know, I'm finding this place surprisingly, um, arousing," Nick confessed."I can see!" Noah looked pointedly at Nick's groin. The black hide of his codpiece was definitely bulging outward."Then since we're here, and nothing else is happening ... come Lolita Ls Preview on, Viking boy!" The final words were spoken more loudly, and more forcefully Lolita Ls Preview than the rest, and Nick put his empty beer down, walking towards the room where the slings were suspended from the roof, Noah following obediently.The sling room was initially empty, and Nick leaned into Noah, kissing him eagerly. "Want to have some fun while we're here?" he whispered."Oh yeah," Noah grinned back. Without needing to be asked, he Lolita Ls Preview backed into one of the slings, and lifted his boots to the stirrups on either side. Nick helped him in, leering hungrily at his mate's leather clad body, and moved in close to him, unsnapping the cod-piece and leaving it hanging to one side. Noah's cock jumped to instant attention, and Nick began to circle the suspended body, running his fingers all over Noah while he appreciated the beauty presented to him.There were dispensers filled with lube around the walls, and leaving Noah hanging in space, Nick ambled over to one, squeezing a generous dollop of the sticky liquid onto his hand before casually coming back to smear it across the puckering entrance to Noah's body. He slid one finger into his lover's hole, slipping in and out quickly and pulling at the inner lining of Noah's rectum. His other hand wandered up and over the leather cloaked orbs below his man's long unsheathed cock, and slowly caressed his mate in sensual massage. A second finger followed the first into that hungry orifice, and Noah began to moan as Nick opened him up.A scuffling noise disturbed his concentration then, and Nick looked around to find someone else had entered the room. The man remained in the shadows, but close enough to see what the two lovers were doing. Trying to ignore him, Nick felt an unexpected throbbing as his erection hardened, and as one hand continued to play over Noah's leathered groin, the other returned to his slave's hole, where Nick introduced a third finger into Noah's body."Oh, yesss," the blond man whispered in delight."Yeah, open that hole up!" added a husky voice immediately to their left. The Lolita Ls Preview form from the shadows had emerged as a Lolita Ls Preview short, stocky man in harness and leather jock, wearing mirrored glasses. He moved even closer, speaking to Nick now."Come on, man, loosen that slave's hole! Get it ready for some serious fuckin'!" he said.Noah twisted to see the owner of the voice, then looked up to Nick's face. "Yes, please, Trojan," he hissed. "Open that arse Sir!"Nick could not believe the feeling of power and excitement racing through him. As he slowly inserted a fourth finger into Noah's sphincter, stretching it wide and driving in to the second knuckle, he became aware that others were also around them. Two obvious slaves stood to his right, one sucking the other's cock as the first stared at Nick's face, and whispered, "I can take more than that, Sir?"Nick smiled indulgently, and shook his head. Looking up, he saw another Master behind Noah, simply standing with his arms crossed over his chest, and observing. The man was stunning; tall and muscled, with wide shoulders, a full harness encasing his upper body, and chaps on his legs. Where his genitals should have been however, was an elongated `strap on' dildo, at least 40 centimetres long, hanging there as if ready to be used. Nick nodded an acknowledgement to him and returned his attention to his lover.Sliding his hand Lolita Ls Preview in and out of Noah's arse, opening that sweet hole to its limit, Nick ached at the sight of Noah there on the sling, surrounded by darkened shapes, many of them whispering obscene suggestions, encouragements, or offers. Noah was writhing on the leather platform now, begging him to use him, and Nick's senses were in overdrive."You ready yet, Viking boy?" he asked menacingly."Fuck yeah, he's ready!" muttered the master who had been the first to appear, mere centimetres to his left. "Fuck his slutty hole now!"With a snap, Nick removed the codpiece restraining his own manhood, and it sprang to attention as he took the silver chain connecting Noah's nipples in hand, and moved forward to nudge his cockhead into the waiting space between Noah's legs. As he did, the slave standing to his right, pushed his companion away and hurried forward. "Please, fuck me Sir?" he begged."Sorry, boy, but this one's mine for right now," he said, shoving the stranger away, but not too harshly."Fill this hole of mine, Trojan!" came Noah's voice in the darkness which seemed to be growing more crowded all the time."Oh, yeah, fuck him!" echoed a chorus of voices from all around them as the pair became the centre of attention in a group that had increased to about eight men.Nick tingled with lust and desire, the urge filling him almost unbearable. Without any more delay, he drove his cock deep into Noah's chute, ploughing his way up and along that wet hot canal and claiming ownership of the slave boy hanging in the sling before him. With Noah clenching and calling out harsh pleas to be used, Nick fucked him hard, deep and fast, thundering in and out of Noah's body as the sling swung back and forth and Nick's hands roamed all over his slave."Take that, Viking boy," he called. "You like that cock, don't you son? Like having that sweet arse of your filled and fucked by my big fat cock?""Oh, yes, Sir," Noah responded enthusiastically. He was just as turned on by the scenario in which they found themselves as was Nick. "I love your cock inside me, Sir! I need you inside me, Sir! Please, Trojan, use me?""Use him! Fuck him! Treat him bad!" echoed voices all around them; murmured orders and encouragements in the whispering darkness. As Nick leaned into and over his mate, fucking Noah harder and deeper with long driving strokes, a hand reached between them, fingers closing around Noah's cock. Nick looked to where one of the other slaves knelt on the floor beside them, his eyes yearning as he gripped at Nick's lover."This one's all mine!" Nick hissed forcefully, but without breaking his motion, continuing to pump at Noah. "You can look, but don't touch. I ain't sharing at the moment!"The hand was withdrawn quickly, and one or two figures skulked away, but most of the others crowded in even closer -- so close now that it was like a wall of bodies enclosing the narrow space where Noah rocked in the sling and Nick pounded him in a frenzy. The only place where the wall of men and leather wasn't complete was directly behind Noah's head. There stood the master with the fake cock dangling before him. He had uncrossed his arms and was stroking that massive toy as if he were masturbating. His eyes caught Nick's in a question, and for the shortest of moments Nick hesitated, before shaking his head.The other master nodded acceptance and leaned forward. In a deep, gravelly voice he said to Nick, "Fuck that hot slave boy hard, man. He deserves everything you've got!"Nick nodded, renewing his assault on Noah's body. His blood was racing, his nerves on edge as his body trembled with uncontrollable desire. He was so close to his peak and knew he could not resist when it happened. But Noah was there first. With a strangled yell, his lover shook and clenched hard, a long, Lolita Ls Preview thick rope of cum shooting from his cock. Most of it landed across Noah's chest and abs, but some shot out and onto the floor beside him. Unable to hold back, Nick matched him, spasm for spasm, filling the void in Noah's body with his seed as Noah emptied his nuts into the air and onto himself and those leaning over them.Some of the slaves fell to the ground
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